Here are just a few of my most recently received testimonials. Each client has indicated that they would be willing, by arrangement, to have a chat with anyone who may be considering sessions with ajrtherapy.

“ When I first went to see Adrian my situation was a bit of a mess.

I chose him because he looked like he had experienced life and I needed someone who could see where I was, where I had come from and help me sort out where I was going.

A lot of the things we discussed I had never talked to anyone about; stuff that was too personal, too embarrassing and too odd to admit to.

It was very liberating. Adrian didn’t judge, he allowed me to feel more human. I realised I wasn’t totally to blame for the rubbish and that I wasn’t as strange as I thought. I do have to learn to deal with situations better but that is part of what lots of people go through. On a personal level, Adrian is a solid bloke and someone I’ve trusted with my most intimate thoughts. I thank him for helping life get better.”

Andy H

“About a year ago I realised I needed to make profound changes in my life as I could not keep jumping from job to job. My fiancée was at the end of her tether and our relationship was on the rocks. I begged her to give me one more chance and sought help.

Along came Adrian and we worked through things which were causing to me to be unhappy, taking a holistic results orientated therapy. I have now passed a six month probation period in a job and am soon buying a house and getting married. I now lead a more fulfilling life instead of trying to find all my happiness in one job and as a result enjoy work more.

Thanks Adrian you are patient and kind.”

Dave McNulty, Didsbury, Manchester

“ I'd like to thank you for all the help, insights and pointers that you have given me. When I started counselling I thought I would come along and you would give me all the answers, which I guess is a pretty tall order. What you helped me do instead was to ask the right questions of myself and what I wanted to get out of my life. I'm sure I'll need to come back at some point - I still like to think of myself as a work in progress.”


“Working with Adrian has moved me from paralysis to action. I began in despair but now see bright possibilities for my future. The best thing I ever did was to find Adrian. I never thought such help and support would be there for me. He’s brilliant! I can't recommend him highly enough.”

Dr Sandy Clyne, Work Psychologist

“Your service is very professional, caring without being fluffy, direct, no nonsense and very effective indeed. I am now understanding of my illness, and it no longer frightens me”

Steve, from Dukinfield

“Adrian invested his time during our early sessions to understand not only my problems, but who I was and how I was experiencing them. I found this (personable) approach unique and I came out of therapy with coping strategies and a skill set, that although universal, were taught in a way that had been tailored to my individuality.

Adrian’s approach is similar to a personal trainer. He takes note of the factors in your life that are causing negative effects on your well being, he listens and works out alternative habits to adopt. He shows you how to build strong coping strategies and has a pesonable level of understanding to find the right encouragement should you struggle at any hurdle. He sets a goal for your recovery, and most importantly when that goal is reached you are empowered with the ability to face life head on and fully enjoy it!

Adrian taught me to be myself again, he helped me rediscover what was important to me personally, and encouraged me to practice the things I had forgotten I enjoyed until they became part of me again.

I was stressed and had been suffering bouts of depression regularly for years. Having visited various therapists I found Adrian. His approach was different from the offset, he was engaging and interested in what I was describing to him. I felt he was building an understanding of who I was, not just what I was feeling. This led to the most personable and successful experience of therapy I have had. He handpicked coping strategies that I took to almost with ease. He delivered his therapy in a way that didn’t just stop after the session, he was always there on the phone or email at any time of day or night should l need him. When weak he reassured me and when making progress he was truely delighted. The journey he has taken me on has not only made me stronger but has put the past behind me. I am now in a position in my life where I feel well equipped to deal with anything that life throws at me, and for this I owe a great deal of gratitude to Adrian.”


“I have been seeing Adrian as a counsellor for some time now and can honestly state beyond measure that my life has improved dramatically since our sessions began.

I have had counselling earlier in my life after the death of my father and since meeting Adrian it has become glaringly clear how bad my first counselling experience was.

It is a total minefield choosing the best and right counsellor for you. When I first started my search, I came across Adrian's website and his friendly warm face and individual bespoke approach drew me to him. After our first meeting, I knew he was the right person for me. There are so many counsellors offering limited therapies, it was so refreshing to find someone who offered multiple types based on the individual’s needs.

I suffer from depression, stress and the self-medication of alcohol. Since meeting Adrian I no longer feel guilt, judged or pressurised in any way. I accept fully that my journey will take some time but I now know that my recovery WILL happen, which is something Adrian has taught me which I never thought possible before.

I smile more each day and have taken the heavy burden from my shoulders that change must happen now, otherwise I am still failing in my trying.

I now feel change is possible, in fact, I know it! I no longer beat myself up about things and have developed a sense of calm and peace that I haven't ever felt before.

I know I have a long way to go but I know that now Adrian is in my life as my non-judgemental/ unconditional support and guide I WILL become the person I want to be. In fact, I'm already well on my way.

I honestly and truly couldn't recommend Adrian more!

There is no normal in the world and I now rejoice that and no longer want to be it!

Thank you Adrian from the bottom of my heart!”

Elaine Myers-Jones

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